Mathew Behan, Committee Member

Mat has been a supporter since the early eighties, Brain Hamilton era Frank Worthington, Mat was first keen to learn about finances of clubs and helped the ‘Save Rovers Fund’ in the early eighties.

Mat was interviewed by Arena BBC2 at the time as a young lad with his friend on a rainy night on the empty Kop! Mat has also kept up with promoting, helping the club through out the years and helped to set and promote the Supporters Club. Mat is a regular season ticket holder and goes to as many away games as he can and meets up with other supporters groups when at away games for new ideas. Mat currently with the Supporters Group will be looking at events, gigs ext and would want all supporters to support the events/gigs and to send any ideas or bands comedians to get in touch regarding staging gigs at Prenton Park. Outside of being a supporter Mat works for the Council and also works as a Youth Worker.