Wembley coach arrangements 14-5-17

For those of you who are travelling on one of our 8 coaches on Sunday here is some information:

– The coaches will line up on Borough Road alongside the John King Stand (and beyond)
– They will be labelled up A-H, please get in contact with Mark Bartley if you want to check which coach you are on in advance
– Mark will be outside the away turnstiles from 7:10am to help point you in the right direction if you are unsure, but it is best to find out in advance
– Each coach will have a list of who is on that particular one. There is no seating plan, sit where you like with friends etc
– We will be leaving at 7:30am so suggest people arrive no later than 7:15am in order to give us time to load up and get on our way. We won’t be hanging around for people who are late!
– We will be making one service stop enroute
– All coaches are stopping at Uxbridge Sports club for food and drinks. There will hopefully be an outside bar as well, weather permitting
– Coaches will leave 1pm, arrive at Wembley (Yellow parking) no later than 1:30pm – fans are then free to do as they wish
– After the game coaches will be in the same spot as drop off
– We will do 1-2 stops on the way home depending on demand

Please respect the steward and the coach you are travelling on. We want to keep a good working arrangement with the company and hope to use them again.

    Please do not bring visible alcohol on board – you will be refused admission

. Also please do not upload photographs/facebook live of any alcohol on board, it is an offence. We also ask all fans to keep the coach tidy and dispose of any rubbish at the services and at Uxbridge – the steward will assist with bin bags etc.

Let’s all have a good day out and fingers crossed we will be back in the football league by Sunday evening!